Green Chile Smothered Eggs

February 13, 2014  •  Breakfast,

green chile smothered eggsI almost always eat eggs for breakfast. Ever since I discovered real farm fresh eggs from cage free and naturally raised chickens, I just can’t resist them. I’m lucky that I don’t have any medical conditions that prevent me from enjoying them every day, and on most days I simply have them over easy. In fact I judge how well my day is going to go by how well I can flip the eggs in the air and back into the frying pan!chiles-charred-and-peeledBut the other day, while I was anxiously frittering away time waiting for the Super Bowl to start, I decided to do something a little more special, something a little more classically Denver: smother those eggs in green chile. I make green chile all the time in the winter. Since I buy a half hog from my local CSA each season, I always have butts, legs, and shoulder roasts to use up, and that is just too much meat to make for my husband and I chile smothered eggs 1So I roast the whole thing, then I use up the green chiles I acquired at the fall farmers’ market by making green chile. (BTW you can make that vegetarian too.) There was a little bit of that leftover from Friday dinner when I made my eggs this morning, and boy was that easy and good. Prepare your eggs any way you like, pour some hot green chile over the top, sprinkle with sliced green onions, and add some cheese if you like. Serve with a tortilla on the side and call it a Denver breakfast!

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