October in Paris

September 17, 2015  •  Europe, France, Paris, Travel

paris-17I believe that fall is one of the prettiest times to visit Paris (actually a great time to go on vacation anywhere). The summer crowds are gone, the cooler temps make it more enjoyable to wander through cities, and Paris, really, is about as good a place as any to visit. Having spent 10 days in Burgundy and Paris last October, I thought it might be worth sharing some of my favorites for any of you planning a trip this fall.paris-11A comfortable (doesn’t need to be fancy) hotel, in a great location is a must. I prefer this one on the Isle St. Louis for it’s quiet street yet central location.paris-16Who goes to Paris and doesn’t sample crepes? I like them with just butter and sugar, but they come in about as many varieties as you can imagine.paris-14paris-13It’s good to have a nice brasserie near your hotel where you can hang out in the late afternoon or early evening, rest your feet, and enjoy an aperitif, especially if it comes with sunset views over the Seine.paris-15paris-9When I first came to Paris, I was obsessed with high end, haute cuisine, and wanted to try places like Tour d’Argent, or Taillevent, but now I’m very content with bistros that serve simple comfort food.paris-5You know, places where you can find a fabulous Salade Chèvre Chaud…paris-7paris-4… or some decadent escargot swimming in garlic and herb butter. (See below for my little black book of restaurants from this trip.)paris-2I don’t really eat much bread and butter at home, but wouldn’t miss it in France!paris-1paris-10I start my days in Paris simply, with a nice coffee and croissant, at a corner place…complete with the cranky and a bit snooty French waiters we’ve come to love.paris-3paris-6And I’ve been known to sneak in a macaron or two in the afternoon from Laduree or Eric Kaiser…PARIS-8…or to line up with the others for the famous ice cream at Berthillon.paris-12Whether you’ve been to Paris many times, or are a first time visitor, a bike tour through the city (easy riding with a guide) is a must-do way to see the city. When else can you have your photo taken on a bike in front of the entrance to the Louvre?parisThe most important thing for me about visiting Paris is traveling with people you love – in my case my husband and college best friends. Sharing the experience makes it oh so much more tres bien!

L’ilot Vache, Isle St. Louis
Le Tir Bouchon, on the right bank
La Palette, on the left bank, St. Germain area
La Laiterie Sainte Clotilde, on the left bank
L’Escargot Montorgueil, on the right bank on the famous Rue Montorgueil
Hotel Saint Louis en L’Isle, Isle Saint Louis
My Pinterest page for Paris and Burgundy
Bike About Tours, meet guides at the Hotel de Ville

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