Rosemary Roasted Brunch Potatoes

December 17, 2015  •  Breakfast, Side Dishes

rosemary-roasted-brunch-potatoesHere’s a quickie for you: rosemary roasted brunch potatoes. Who doesn’t love some great hash browns for breakfast or brunch? But who has time to sit there tending to a skillet when you’re putting the meal together? And if your group is more than say 6, it’s nearly impossible to make enough hash browns in a single large skillet. That’s why I like making roasted potatoes instead. Simply cube enough potatoes (I like to mix sweet and russet together) for your crowd, toss with enough extra virgin olive oil to coat the potatoes nicely, sprinkle with minced fresh rosemary (about 1 tablespoon for every 6-8 servings), season with salt and pepper, spread in a single layer on one or more roasting pans, and roast until tender (about 30 minutes). You can serve these as a side dish for breakfast, can add crumbled bacon before serving, and can even top with a fried egg. Leftovers? No problem, serve them next to roast beef, pork, or chicken for dinner. Now doesn’t that sound like a perfect plan during this holiday season?

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