Lucky Me, On My Own in Rome

September 1, 2016  •  Italy, Rome, Travel

rome-italy-tiber-river-vatican-domeI’m in Rome this week, and this trip marks my 16th visit to this city that I consider my home away from home, the one place in the world that draws me back year after year, the only city I know that energizes me in a way I almost can’t describe. I feel that energy as soon as the plane touches down, and as the taxi gets closer to the centro storico, my energy soars, and I just feel like I am where I’m supposed to be.I’ve managed to create a business bringing people to Italy for food and wine tours that allows me to visit this city at least once a year now, and I try to arrive a day or two before the group. It helps me get adjusted to the time and allows me to make sure the details for my group are all set. And as is sometimes the case, like this year, gives me a free day to get my hair done by a masterful Roman stylist. 🙂More than anything, it gives me a day or two on my own to explore parts of the city I want to return to – like the Jewish Ghetto above – or some hidden places I haven’t experienced yet. Yes, despite already being here 15 times, there are things I haven’t seen! So this year I made a list of a few of the more far flung sights to see, in case other guests this year or in the future also wanted something new to see and do. Here are a some photo highlights from the past two days that I hope you enjoy:

Bocca Della Verita
Hadrian’s Crypt
Parco Savello’s incredible views of Rome
Keyhole View at Villa deal Priorato di Malta,
Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta on the Aventine Hill
 Why I don’t usually visit in August – so many places are closed for the summer holiday including Perilli where I wanted to try the carbonara.Graffiti lining the Tiber RiverPizza with Mozzarella di Bufalo at Emma near the Campo dei FioriThe sun behind Sant’Agnese in Agone in Piazza NavonaRoman ruins near the PantheonIl Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia (this is taken from what I affectionately think is the toughest pedestrian street crossing on the planet!)The beginning of the Appian Way in Parco degli Scipioni
No sooner did I start walking through the park when a massive thunderstorm burst open, and I took cover with a young French couple in a bike shop for the next hour. The Appian Way looked like the Appian River and it even hailed to remind me of Colorado. When it let up I trudged through ankle deep streets to make my way to Eataly for some pizza and a glass of wine after shopping. I was too wet and tired to photograph much more, but what a great couple of days alone in Rome!


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  1. Darren says:

    Michele, I had just started reading this post when my husband came up behind me, so I started to read it out loud to him. Oh , the strong emotions it evoked. We’ve been to Italy 7 times and have flown into and out of Rome each time, staying several days at the beginning and 2 at the end of each trip. We love Rome! There is even a hairstylist across the road from the hotel where we stay where we get our hair cut that 1st morning(and he remembers us each time!). We’ll be going to Italy again this winter but Milan is where we will be flying in and out of. Your post caused us to mourn not going to Rome this year. Very well written! Thanks for the bitter sweet memories.

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