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Frasca Food and Wine, Boulder

December 20, 2011 | Restaurants

My baby girl graduated from college last week. She’s not your typical 21 one year old, nor was she your typical college student. She lived in Boulder for only 3 of her semesters – the other 4 (she graduated in 3-1/2 years) she lived in the mountains and took online classes so she could snowboard – despite having torn her ACL in a competition at 17. Along the way, she spent a summer in New Zealand working for Young & Rubicam and a month in South Africa volunteering to help young kids from the townships in an after school program. That’s where she got the surfing bug I think. So I guess it’s only natural that she fill the next 8 months before she starts culinary school living in Hawaii, where she’ll surf and (hopefully) work in a restaurant kitchen. It’s the longest I will go without seeing her – and I’m guessing I’ll break down and make a trip there in May.

For her graduation, she chose dinner at Frasca with us over partying with friends – so like her. She’s saved me the time of doing a blog post about the food since she has a very detailed write-up on her site. Check it out – like only foodies can, we tried things like sea urchin, over-ordered because we wanted to try everything, and ate entirely too much. But man was it worth it! And did I mention just how proud I am of my daughter? :-)


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  1. Dying here…..the link to Jenny’s blog does not work. Have to go read the old fashioned way!

    I was choked up reading this. I think once a Mom, we relate to these rites of passage for our friends and have pride in their children for the beauty they bring to the world. What a spirited but thoughtful young woman she is. Certainly in her blog she is wise and sophisticated beyond her years but in reading her choices and accomplishments it’s just a beautiful life tapestry she’d weaving.

    I was born in Hawaii and have spent lots of time there over the years and must say she’s picked a great thing to do with her life. Should live it up now when it’s easier to do so. I’ll connect with you live about some connections if she’d interested.

    Congratulations. You’ve raised a beautiful person. Closing now before I get teary!


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