September 27, 2008 – The Awaiting Table in Lecce, Italy

December 10, 2008  •  Italy, Lecce, Puglia, Rome, The Awaiting Table, Travel

Parting really is such sweet sorrow. I started the day with a big kiss from Antonio – it’s hard to imagine he won’t be making my morning espresso for me anymore – then wandered around Lecce for some last minute shopping, stopping in at the market to sneak a photo of my favorite butcher one more time (isn’t he cute?!). We purchased supplies for the long train ride – bread from Luca, fruit from Fabio, salame and formaggio from the counter, and set off to load the car.
Although I had advised everyone repeatedly to pack lightly, does this look like light packing to you?! We barely managed to crush it all into the back, and then Antonio whisked us away to the train.
We were pleasantly surprised to be the first ones aboard and find it empty which helped in stowing all that luggage, and we settled in for the long ride to Rome. Along the way we laughed a lot and chatted about our experience, vowing to return again as soon as our budgets would allow. While others might have been sad to head home, I was giddy knowing Greg and our other friends would be arriving early the next morning.

I loved Lecce – as I seem to love every part of Italy – and I know I’ll return again. For now, I listen to this short few seconds of sounds from the bar to remind me of how great it is to have coffee in Italy!

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