“Local” Shrimp on Sale

January 5, 2010  •  Local Sources

I don’t usually advertise for stores and sales, but thought this might be an opportunity for a little education about “local” seafood and I wanted to give readers a heads up about a good sale at Whole Foods tomorrow. Living in the Rocky Mountain area, there really isn’t much local here except for some trout and farm raised seafood.

However, I have a philosphy about “local” – buy it as close to home as possible, and since shrimp don’t live in the streams and rivers around here, buying Gulf Coast US shrimp beats flying it in from Thailand by a long shot. Add to it the concern a fellow Thai blogger expressed to me about how the shrimp harvesting practices in Thailand are killing both the shrimp and the oceans, and this seems like a no brainer. I purchase Gulf shrimp whenever I can, and I hope this sale incents you to give them a try.  (Tip: ask for them frozen so they will keep until you are ready to cook them.)


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  1. Emily says:

    Hello Michele!
    So I got a five pound bag of frozen “local” shrimp last week. Thanks so much for the tip!
    We made Ina Garten’s Lemon pasta w/ shrimp tonight for dinner. We roasted the shrimp at 400, about 2 lbs of it, and added it to angel hair pasta then added a lemon juice & zest butter & olive oil “sauce”. It was delicious! I will roast shrimp in the future for sure.
    Hope to see you soon,

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