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September 25, 2011  •  Informational

Cookbooks – I just love them. Surely I’ve posted this picture of my collection before – about 500 of them before I weeded out some old ones recently to make room for new additions. I’ve long dreamed about doing a cookbook, and now I am fortunate to be working on one to be released next year. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s also a huge amount of work, requiring me to test, edit and photograph about 20 recipes each month. With that schedule, it’s become tougher for me to create my own recipes to blog about, so I’ll be reducing my posting schedule from my prior Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule to a Monday-Thursday schedule. I’ll try to still provide you with delicious recipes, interesting news, and great tips – just one less day a week. I hope you’ll bear with me through this very busy time – the book at the end will be worth it I promise!


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    Yeah! My first emailed post from you! I’ll never miss out again. Your schedule change seems a small price for we devoted readers to pay for the end result of your cookbook! Having some insight on that I know it will be exciting and grand. Can’t wait!

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