How to Properly Scramble Eggs

May 6, 2012  •  Breakfast,

How many of you kids out there love having scrambled eggs for breakfast? On the weekends do you even help mom or dad make the family breakfast? I hope so! Well, scrambled eggs may look like a simple thing, but there are actually a few tricks to getting them right.

First, make sure you are careful when you crack your eggs so that you don’t get any shells into the eggs. It might be easier to crack each egg into a small bowl first to make sure it goes ok before mixing it in with the other eggs. Next, the more you beat those eggs together, the more air you will incorporate into them, making them lighter and fluffier when they cook. Eggs need a little seasoning, so sprinkle in a bit of salt and pepper – not too much! – while you are beating them together.
Heat up a nonstick pan (I use a Beka ceramic “green” pan – read about it and tell your parents how great these pans are!) over medium high heat. You don’t want to use high heat to cook the eggs as they will brown, which is NOT what we want for scrambled eggs. Add a little butter, oil, or cooking spray, then pour your eggs into the heated pan. Use a plastic spatula to keep pulling up the cooked eggs from the bottom of the pan and letting the uncooked portion mix around. You should remove the pan from the heat BEFORE the eggs are all the way cooked, when they still look a little bit wet, as they will continue cooking a bit more. Give them one more stir in the pan and then serve to your family.

Remember the post I did a couple of weeks ago about growing green onions on your windowsill? Well, green onions, or scallions, are great stirred into scrambled eggs. If you decide to use some, just have your parents help you chop them with a chef’s knife and add them to the hot pan just before you add the eggs. Delicious!

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