Restaurant Roundup: Atticus

April 3, 2014  •  Restaurants

beast and bottle bltI went to Atticus (part of the restaurant group that includes the well known Table 6) for lunch recently and had this great BLT. You know what happened? It was so good I went back 2 days later with friends for dinner. And that was a very good decision.beast and bottle mussels fritesIt seems that my list of places I want to dine just keeps growing. No sooner do I check off a few – Spuntino, Steuben’s, Session Kitchen, Beast & Bottle – than new places that I “just must try” pop up. And this one, Atticus near DU, just happens to be about 1 mile from my house – how convenient! Take the waitress’ advice anytime they tell you that you must try the mussels and frites – thankfully four of us shared this appetizer so we didn’t do too much damage.beast and bottle smoked salmonI ordered the salmon which in this case was smoked, and then served with a peach sauce. Nice pairing, and it went well with the rose sparkling wine I was having.beast and bottle cioppinoMy girlfriend ordered the cioppino – I always love the idea of cioppino, but then find it to be a bit too much seafood for me, but this one had a really nice tomato based broth.beast and bottle butchers plateI talked my husband into ordering the butcher’s choice, which they advertise as “assorted grilled, cured, smoked or tampered with meats”. In this case it included pork, duck, and beef, each with it’s own accompaniment, and it was spectacular. I love this new restaurant and love even more that it’s so close to home. I’ll be back, and I’m guessing it will be soon!

(720) 459-8273
1115 East Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80210


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  1. Randi says:

    We live near Atticus also so I’ve really wanted to like it. The menu is inventive and appealing, and the food good. Not always as good as I think it should be, but good. However, we’ve been there three times over a two year period, and the service was abysmal all three times. Mixed up orders, very long wait to get food or order another glass of wine, menu items unavailable. My husband refuses to go back.

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