The Expanded Offerings of Door to Door Organics

August 3, 2015  •  Informational, Local Sources

DoorToDoorLogo_LARGE1-300x200Have you checked out Door to Door Organics lately? They recently approached me about doing a blog post for them, and in researching what to talk about, I was shocked to learn how much they have expanded their offerings. Check it out and click on the link on the sidebar to sign up and get $10 off your first order!door-to-door-organics-fruit-and-vegetablesYou may already know that Door to Door Organics offers a bevy of seasonal produce that’s all organic. But did you know you can select the option for a Local Box? What you see above is almost entirely the local option, although I did throw in a couple of things I needed that weren’t on the local list. I love that you can buy organic, buy in season, and support local farmers.door-to-door-organics-other-foodsI must confess I had no idea that Door to Door Organics offers other food products. I selected a variety of things that happen to be local Colorado products: everything from potato chips and salad dressing, to cheese and peanut butter and even local grassfed beef from Laseter. Cool, right?door-to-door-organics-prepared-foodsFinally, I was shocked to find prepared foods offered for home delivery. I’m not one to buy prepared foods very often, being an advocate of learning to cook for yourself, but I must say, this Kale Caesar Salad with quinoa from Vert Kitchen looks mighty fresh and healthy, doesn’t it? If you haven’t shopped with Door to Door Organics before, or if you’ve let your delivery lapse, this just might be the time to sign up with so many options!

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