Restaurant Roundup: Bar Dough in Denver

July 25, 2016  •  Restaurants


With the TVs running silently in black and white, the restaurant has a retro feel that is warm and inviting.

Life seems to have a way of getting in the way of my plans. And although I’m not that young, I still am trying to learn to live with that lack of control. Surprise visits by friends, an unplanned decision to buy a house by my daughter, a chance to go backstage with Darius Rucker and the band after the concert – I loved all of these experiences! But yes, I’ve not been getting to the new restaurants on “my list” for this year. So I was quite thrilled when I was able to get a short notice dinner reservation for Bar Dough in Denver a couple weeks
fava bean toast – favetta, mozzarella, fav bean salad & Calabrian chili honey – so seasonal, and so good!

The lead chef here is Max MacKissock, who I feel sometimes gets overshadowed in the media here by his James Beard Award-winning wife Jennifer Jasinski. But as the website reminds us, he was “named ‘Denver’s Best Chef’, winning ‘Best New Restaurant’ for two of his previous projects, earning a spot on ‘America’s 50 Best New Restaurants’ from Bon Appetit, and being awarded Denver’s first-ever four star review from The Denver Post.” That’s quite a record!bar-dough-denver-pizza-crustbar-dough-denver-beef-tartare
steak tartare – perfectly seasoned and dusted with lemon zest, served alongside pizza flat bread instead of toast, which seems right for an Italian place

My husband and I have taken to ordering things to share, although I must say at Bar Dough, the portions are large enough and rich enough that frankly we could have shared one appetizer and one entree and been satisfied. But no, we had to have both of these!bar-dough-denver-pizzaMy husband ordered a pizza, loved it, and had plenty to take home for lunch the next
bucatini cacio e pepe – with peas, fava beans, ramps, black pepper, pecorino romano, poached egg

I, on the other hand, am a sucker for anything that reminds me of Rome, and cacio e pepe, that classic Roman pasta dish, is one of those things. Bar Dough elevates the dish in a simple way that works, yet stays close enough to the roots of Roman cuisine to feel comfortable. The peas and fave beans are seasonal, the egg adds just enough richness, and can I tell you, I ate every bite, despite being very full already. Bar Dough, you didn’t disappoint and we will be back!

Bar Dough
2227 West 32nd Avenue
Denver CO, 80211

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