August 4, 2008 – Stockholm to Denver

September 2, 2008  •  Airlines, Copenhagen, Cruise Ship, Helsinki, London, Moscow, Oslo, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallin, Travel

Traveling home is never really that fun. When my kids were little I was so excited to see them that going home was a treat – now I often wish I could just keep traveling. So without much enthusiasm, we put on our travel faces and headed to the Stockholm airport at 5 in the morning in order to catch a flight to London and then to Denver.

I find looking at travel pictures after you return help transport you back, so I’ll leave you with a few I haven’t already shared.

Slots to shoot arrows from the walls of the Tower of London
Crystal Cruises signature Guy Buffet dining room chargers

The obelisk in the center of the circle of life statues in Oslo

Pretty outlining islands outside of Oslo

Michele in Copenhagen

The royal palace in Copenhagen

Try to pronounce that! (Helsinki)

Cathedral of the Assumption at the Kremlin, Moscow

Nicholas I throne at Peterhof

Lovely buildings along the canals in St. Petersburg

Shop sign in Tallin

Flowers on a wedding car

Remains of a windmill in the park in Stockholm

View across the harbor from Gamla Stan in Stockholm

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