Easy Peeling for Hard Boiled Eggs

October 12, 2008  •  Breakfast, Technique

I love hard boiled eggs – I just hate peeling them. And despite 40 years of cooking, I’ve never found a foolproof way to easily peel them without tearing off chunks of the egg white with the peel. Until today, that is. My friend Jude sent me this link, and I tested the technique out on five eggs. Voila! Success every time!

Video Clip

Here are some great ideas for using hard boiled eggs:
  • quick grab and go breakfast (you’ll manage to finish it before you even back out of the garage)
  • sliced in salads (perfect for classic spinach salad with a warm bacon vinaigrette)
  • insert a couple into the center of a meatloaf (kids love a surprise)
  • sliced on pizza (I know it sounds strange but they serve it this way in Italy often)
  • sliced on a sandwich with bacon and tomato (or wrapped in a tortilla with your favorite breakfast burrito additions)
  • mixed into potato salad
  • egg salad (serve traditionally on a soft white bread or be creative and use your favorite nutty, grainy bread)
  • deviled eggs (the variations on seasonings are unlimited!)

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