Ireland Bound!

July 4, 2010  •  Travel

I’m off to Ireland first thing in the morning. My parents really wanted to go and really need to have someone help them make the trip, so I’m the travel organizer, tour guide, driver (on the left side no less!) and I’m really looking forward to the trip with them. It will just be the 3 of us, and I plan to use the time when they will no doubt rest each afternoon to blog from the road as I did when I was in Italy in April (although my expectations for the cuisine are definitely lower!)I’ll be leaving behind my peach tree that’s filled this year with fruit (last year the frost got the blossoms and I didn’t get any peaches).And leaving behind the homemade maraschino cherries I’m making – they should be nice and liquor-soaked when I return so will tell you all about it then.Sadly, my tomatoes are just beginning to ripen, so I’ll be leaving those to my husband, who isn’t much of a cook or gardener, hoping he’ll at least remember to check for ripe ones every few days and take them to friends in his office if he can’t eat them all.I’ve even arranged for my friend to pick up my CSA farm share each week so that produce won’t go to waste. I’ve also cleaned my desk, paid the bills, gone through the house to find unused things my son can take to his apartment when he moves in this week, watered and deadheaded all of the plants, and left a note with the itinerary for my family. Only one thing left to do – I need to go pack!!!

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