Farewell Dinner at Linger in Denver

August 15, 2013  •  Restaurants

Jen w Asia pack 1Yesterday my “baby girl” left for a 3 month travel adventure in southeast Asia. She’ll make her way to Hawaii to see friends first and scope out job prospects in Maui for next year before heading on to Bali, the Philippines, and Thailand. She will be volunteering at a turtle sanctuary, volunteering in an environmental program, visiting beaches, taking cooking classes, and just traveling. Oh, and did I mention she’s traveling alone for much of that time? Yes, she’s actually 23 and not a baby anymore, and yes she is very worldly and level headed and competent. But still, how is a mom not to worry? I am thrilled she has my love of food, adventure, and travel, but I am still really hoping her two friends Ben and Mike will follow through with their plans to meet up with her for a month in Thailand so I worry just a little less. Before she left, we shared a farewell foodie dinner at Linger in Denver. Frankly, visionary food like this from Chef Justin Cucci is partially what inspires Jenny to travel in the first place.linger denver ceviche with taro chips and avocado

Ceviche with Taro Chips and Avocadolinger denver skuna bay salmon spring rollsSkuna Bay Salmon Spring Rollslinger denver scallops with melon and house made salumiSeared Scallops with Honeydew Melon, House-Made Salumi, and Watercresslinger denver beef on chimichurri with fried brussels sprouts and pickled onionsAll Natural Beef with Chimichurri Sauce, Fried Brussels Sprouts, Pickled Onionslinger denver mussels with apples and gruyereWe could have ordered dessert, but we decided to end the evening with one more savory dish: Mussels with Apples and Gruyere in a French Onion Soup Broth. Well, that finished us off!

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