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March 9, 2010  •  Local Sources

For the past three years I’ve been talking about “my farm” in my blog posts, raving about the bounty from “my farm”, and giving you recipes that are based on the produce I receive from “my farm”. I think you know that I don’t actually own it, but I do own a share of it through my CSA. CSAs are community supported agriculture – you pay a fee to the farm which fund spring start up at the farm and helps them avoid debt. Your share fee then entitles you to a share of the produce each week as it’s harvest. “My farm”, Monroe Organic Farms, has had a waiting list for years – they are organic, they deliver to distribution centers along the front range, and well, they are just special. But they have been hit by economic challenges just like the rest of us, and that means memberships are down this year. The good news in that is that they might finally be able to take on new members, so now is your chance to jump on the bandwagon!Call Jacquie Monroe at the farm if you’d like to sign up and see if she can fit you into a distribution center near you. When you join the farm you’ll have a chance to order one of the new cookbooks from the farm that I helped put together. You’ll want to make sure you get this as it offers some very important information:

  • what to do when you get your produce each week – how to clean and store everything
  • a wide variety of recipes so if you’re swimming in zucchini you’ll have options
  • tips for long term storing – freezing, pickling or canning – if you want to make your produce last through the winter

You’ve also heard me talk alot about Dallas Gilbert on this blog. He runs the Eastern Plains Natural Food Co-op, and is the person from whom I purchase my heritage breed turkeys each year (along with other products like all natural chickens and ducks). For those of you in the Denver metro area, Dallas let me know today that he’ll be at Marczyk Fine Foods on 17th Avenue this Saturday from 11-3.  They’ll be doing some cooking demonstrations and talking about cooking heritage breed products, along with offering some samples. Make sure to stop by!


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  1. Emily says:

    I just filled out our form today to be a member of the Monroe Farm! We are very excited. We were on the wait list for a year but got the call in Feb. that our number came up. I’ll have to get the cookbook for sure especially since you had a hand in it.
    I’ll be keeping my eyes open for new and wonderful ways w/ veg on your site. Do you have a working or non working share?
    Thanks for letting us know about all the local options. We’ll be downtown at the St. Pat’s parade on Sat. and may have to stop by to talk turkey.

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