Sushi Rolls with Tuna, Avocado and Mango

May 15, 2017  •  Fish & Seafood,

I don’t make sushi enough at home, but really, I’m going to change that and I hope you will too. The rice is easy to make – you’ll find my recipe here. And you can put anything you want in your rolls. When I teach sushi classes for kids they use anything and everything! Recently I had this combo at a restaurant and knew I was going to make it again at home. No recipe required, just line your rolls with a long strip of tuna, some avocado slices, and some mango. It’s hard to get fresh mangoes that are any good in Denver, so I used frozen which work great – just blot them with a towel to remove the excess juice. My avocado was also too mushy – I had tried freezing whole avocados to see how that works, and the result is a decent taste and well preserved avocado that’s just mushy. So much for that idea. So make sure yours is ripe but firm. I dipped these in a sweet teriyaki glaze that was perfect. You can make it yourself by combining 2 tablespoons of teriyaki sauce with 2 tablespoons of water that you’ve mixed with 1 teaspoon of cornstarch. Add a tablespoon of honey or brown sugar and simmer until thick. If you have your own favorite combo of ingredients for sushi rolls, won’t you share in the comments below?

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