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Summer Peach Tart with Rosemary

August 20, 2015 | Desserts, Food, Fruit, Tarts


Listen up people – it’s peach season here in Colorado! There is nothing worse than a less-than-sweet, mealy, bland peach that you buy offseason, and there is nothing better than a ripe, sweet, juicy Palisade peach that you buy in season here in Colorado. So at this time of year, enjoy them as much as […]

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Easy Summer Paella on the Grill

August 17, 2015 | Food, One Dish Meals


What do you make for dinner when it’s 90+ degrees outside, you have a crowd coming for dinner, and you want to make something to that will leave an impression? Something on the grill, that’s what. Sure, you can grill a steak, a burger, chicken, or any of the old standbys. And sure, people will […]

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Smoked Kielbasa and Pasta Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing

August 13, 2015 | Food, One Dish Meals, Pasta & Pizza, Salads


If you’ve been following me on social media at all, you might have seen that I have a new project creating recipes for all natural pork producer Prairie Grove Farms. I’ll share some of them with you here that are seasonal and I think you’ll enjoy. First up is this fabulous pasta salad: pasta, kielbasa, […]

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Strawberry-Rhubarb-Ginger Ice Cream

August 10, 2015 | Desserts, Food


I promised you an ice cream made with the Strawberry Rhubarb Ginger Sauce I posted last week, so without further delay, here it is (and it’s REALLY good).

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Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce with Ginger

August 6, 2015 | Condiments, Desserts, Food, Fruit, Sauces


Strawberry and rhubarb – it’s hardly an original flavor combination. But add some ginger, put it into ice cream (coming soon!) and you’ve got something entirely new and exciting.This all started with my alley garden. Let me go off topic for a moment and talk about my various gardens.

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The Expanded Offerings of Door to Door Organics

August 3, 2015 | Food, Informational, Local Sources


Have you checked out Door to Door Organics lately? They recently approached me about doing a blog post for them, and in researching what to talk about, I was shocked to learn how much they have expanded their offerings. Check it out and click on the link on the sidebar to sign up and get […]

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Farm to Table: Top Colorado Chefs Lead by Example

August 1, 2015 | Food, Informational, Restaurants


When it comes to farm to table, you gotta love the chefs here in Colorado. I recently wrote a piece for foodydirect.com that profiles just a few of the best examples. Click here to read all about it, and get out and support your local farmers and chefs!

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Lavender Honey Ice Cream {GIVEAWAY!}

July 30, 2015 | Desserts, Food


Ah the hot days of summer. Love it or hate it, one thing always seems to make it a bit better: homemade ice cream. If you’ve been following this blog for very long you’ll know that I have LOTS of ice cream recipes on the site – in fact this one makes 32! You’ll also […]

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Homemade Pizza Sauce (is easy!)

July 27, 2015 | Condiments, Food, Pasta & Pizza, Sauces


I’ve been cooking like crazy – not for my own personal consumption, but for the project I signed onto with Prairie Grove Farms. It’s fun, and I enjoy that I am photographing the dishes along with developing the recipes. I created a grilled pizza recipe using their Sweet Italian Sausage, and because they want all […]

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Easiest Trick to Peel Hardcooked Eggs

July 23, 2015 | Food, Technique, Videos


I recently spent a few days in Jackson Hole, having a reunion with some sorority sisters from college that I hadn’t seen all together as a group in over 30 years. We hung out at a friend’s home there and caught up with each other and laughed more than I think I’ve laughed in years!

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Smoked Sausage, Peppers, and Onions with Creamy Mustard Sauce

July 21, 2015 | Food, One Dish Meals, Pasta & Pizza

pgf smoked sausage with pasta and peppers

Have you missed me? Did you think I fell off the face of the earth after catering my niece’s wedding earlier this month? While I have been away – a reunion in Jackson Hole with some college friends I haven’t seen for over 30 years (post coming soon) – the big news that I’m bursting with […]

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Catering Your Own Wedding

July 13, 2015 | Food, Menus


If you are reading this blog post, it means I survived. Survived, that is, cooking 12 recipes for a wedding of 120 people for my niece this past weekend. Why in the world, you ask, would you ever do the food yourself for a family wedding? For one reason only: cost. The ingredients for these […]

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Cheesy Pasta Bake with Beef and Vegetables

July 9, 2015 | Food, Pasta & Pizza


You’ll have to forgive me – I’m not really back in the kitchen cooking very much since getting my knee replaced 6 weeks ago. Except for catering the food for 120 people for my niece’s wedding this weekend, that is. Yikes! I’m sure you’ll then appreciate knowing that there is something this delicious that can […]

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Homemade Goat Cheese (is really easy!)

July 6, 2015 | Appetizers, Food, Technique


This is a summer recipe – not because goat cheese is only good in the summer, but because it’s hard to find goat’s milk in the grocery store that’s anything other than ultra pastuerized, which won’t make cheese. But in the summer, when the farmers’ markets are in full swing, you can usually find farmers […]

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ice Cream

July 2, 2015 | Desserts, Food


I’ve been reading a lot about olive oil recently and I find it fascinating. If you don’t know much about the olive oil industry, I highly recommend the book Extra Virginity. It will educate you not only about the history of making olive oil and its many uses and health benefits, but the book provides […]

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Avocado Deviled Eggs

June 29, 2015 | Appetizers, Food


Back when I was getting ready for my knee replacement surgery, I found myself fidgeting, anxious, and cooking an awful lot, I think just to fill the time leading up to the big day. That’s when I actually made these deviled eggs, but it occurs to me they will be perfect for a summer 4th […]

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