Quiche – And How To Manage Leftovers for Zero Waste

June 26, 2017  •  Breakfast,

Last week a lot of out of town family and friends descended on Denver to attend the celebration of life for my late husband Greg. It was a special time for my family and me, an uplifting experience. And in typical fashion for me, I over purchased on food stocking up for guests, worried I wouldn’t have enough to feed everyone. So when everyone left, and I was staring down two of those giant containers of mixed salad greens, hating the fact that they were going to spoil if I didn’t use them, I had an idea.I cooked down an entire container, squeezed out all of the liquid, and chopped them up to add them to a quiche crust I had found in the freezer. It didn’t matter that it was part spinach, part a variety of lettuces – when cooked, and included in quiche, they just taste like “greens”. I’m moving later this summer, and trying to “eat down the house”, as I tell friends, so the crust came in handy, along with the quest fresco I found in there, leftover from a cooking class last fall. (Did you know many cheeses freeze well?)Before everyone arrived in town, I bought 6 dozen eggs, but we had only gone through a dozen, most everyone preferring fruit and yogurt in the morning to eggs, so I happily used a dozen in the quiche.I had a piece of this simple quiche, with a deliciously flaky crust that you can see in this photo, for breakfast yesterday (the rest is wrapped in individual pieces and frozen for another breakfast) as I sat down to write thank you notes, grateful for all of the love and support showered on my family and me this week. As Greg often said to me, life is good.

You’ll find my basic tart crust recipe here. For this quiche I used 1 large container of greens, cooked, pressed dry, and chopped; 8 ounces of crumbled queso fresco cheese, 12 eggs, and salt and pepper. If you want a more decadent filling that’s a bit lighter in texture, use 8 eggs beaten with a cup of half-and-half.

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